The Windows-Thing was an incomplete Thing which partially assumed the form of Windows, an American radio-operator stationed at U.S. Outpost 31. The creature appeared in the 1982 film The Thing.


After the Palmer-Thing is revealed by MacReady's blood test, the creature attacks the group in the open. When MacReady's flamethrower fails to ignite, Windows (who was supervising the tests) attempts to burn the creature as it clings to the ceiling. However, he hesitates as it drops down in front of him and is grabbed around the throat by its lasso-like tongue, pulled into its maw and is violently mauled. As MacReady's weapon finally ignites, the Thing throws the partially-assimilated Windows into the corner and is torched. Returning from killing the Palmer-Thing, MacReady is met with pleas from the other men (all bound to the rec room couch for the purposes of the test) to burn the mutilated and squirming Windows, who has begun to make strange and inhuman gurgling noises. MacReady proceeds to repeatedly blast the Windows-Thing with his flamethrower.