Williams was a Medic assigned to the Arctic Marines' Alpha Team and tasked with investigating the Thule Station. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


Williams along with Alpha Team were ordered to investigate the Norwegian Outpost only to find it partially destroyed and seemingly deserted, they were attacked by several Thing beasts during their investigation and suffered heavy casualties. Williams and the team discovered a secret underground hangar, however he got separated with the rest of the team in the storm during their investigation. He was able to make it to a nearby outpost buildings but several Thing beasts were present there as well, fearing for his life he barricaded himself in the mess hall.

After spending some time there in the mess hall, he encountered Blake and Pace but he draws his flamethrower at them, Blake tried to convince him that they are indeed real humans and wants to confirm if Williams does indeed has access, but unwilling to trust his comrades yet, Williams requested them to kill the Walkers he encountered in the area. After succeeding in killing all three Walkers, Williams joins the team and they took refuge at an infirmary where they hold off the incoming Thing beasts, after succeeding in killing the creatures, they spotted the Norwegian radio operator who ran and locked himself in the Pyron warehouse. Williams eventually succumbs to the Thing and transforms into an Assimilant, Blake killed it and continued his investigation further into the outpost.



The Williams-Thing.


  • Just like Pierce, due to the nature of the mission objectives, he cannot be coerced before completing the mission.
  • A glitch in the game let's you keep Williams alive. By throwing a few flares at the door that is meant to be open on the other side you can bypass the whole building William's is meant to turn into a thing in. As the door will blow up and let you get the key within the room without any of the things inside coming out as they would be dead due to the door blowing up. (Not sure if it works on the pc just know it works on ps2, your free to try it on pc to see if it works)
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