The Unnamed Medic (known as "NPCEntity_I" in the squad menu) is a Gen Inc Soldier and researcher (presumably of medical background) that was stationed at the Pyron Sub Facility.


The Unnamed Medic was wounded in the hydraulic override room and was overpowered by a Walker, being killed by it before Blake could do anything about it. Blake saw him die via a CCTV monitor in the facility's operations room.


  • He's named "NPCEntity_I" in the squad menu, showing that he was never meant to be reached by the player.
  • He's a Soldier, so he can't heal the player, even if he has a Medic's outfit.
  • He passes the Blood Test, so he's not an Imitation.
  • In an unmodified game it is impossible to rescue him or reach him before the Walker gets to him. He can only be reached through cheats (immortal NPCs cheat) by modifying registry keys. He has to be observed first through the CCTV, otherwise he'll vanish and only the Walker will be there when the player reaches the area.
  • Even if the immortal NPCs cheat is activated, he can still bleed out and die if the player takes too long to get to him.
  • He won't burst out as an Imitation even if he's attacked heavily by Walkers and Scuttlers, but this might be due to the immortal NPCs cheat.
  • He trusts the player 100% from the start.
  • He behaves normally and follows the player around briefly if saved, even attacking Things if given a weapon, but he doesn't talk.
  • If attempting to go back to the maze-like corridors after exiting the hydraulic control chamber, he stops following the player around, and he has to be pushed to move all throughout the level. This might be because the level where he appears was not programmed with NPC walk routes, and only his nearby area was programmed for him to follow the player. He's nearly impossible to push in certain doors, but he can be led to the Prep Lab at the end of the level. Sometimes he has to be hit with a Sniper Rifle or similar to move (he won't be hurt with the cheat enabled), which prompts him to however immediately distrust the player, so he needs to regain the trust through a Blood Test.
  • He doesn't show up in the next area, not even if pushed to the end of the level.
  • According to the game's sound files, there are two characters whose voice files were left seemingly unused: Hawk and Hobson. He may be one of them, as unused dialogues by them assure the player that Dr. Faraday is trapped in Chamber 9 and they're the only ones who have DNA scan access.


TheThing 2017-08-27 15-44-21-46

The corpse of the Unnamed Medic.


The Unnamed Medic in the Prep Lab, at the end of the level.


The Unnamed Medic in full view.

NPCEntity 1

The Unnamed Medic in the squad menu. Note his name (NPCEntity_I) and how he's listed as a Soldier instead of a Medic.

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