The Thing
The Thing

The torso scuttler is a creature variant that was intended for inclusion in The Thing II, a planned sequel to the 2002 video game The Thing. However, it was ultimately scrapped after developer Computer Artworks entered receivership in October 2003[1]. Although cancelled, pre-production art guides were released, revealing the developers' vision for the game.


According to the art guide description, the creature took the form of a dead human's torso, dragging itself across the floor in a 'handicapped fashion', leaving a trail of shiny slime behind as its torn hips expel gasses and stomach lining. Its battered head hangs off the neck in a failed struggle to hold itself together and see where it is going. The Torso-Scuttler was planned to be the slowest of the game's enemies, however it was not helpless and would raise its head quickly and shower its victim with acidic vomit if they ventured too close. Alternative plans for the creature involved using its ribs as legs in a centipede fashion. Not utilizing the technically demanding 'burst out' system, the monster was designed as cheap 'cannon fodder' for the player.



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