Taser - The Thing (2002)

A stun gun, as seen in The Thing (2002).

The Stun Gun, also known as Tazer in the game's instruction manual, is a weapon in the 2002 video game The Thing capable of delivering a 5000-volt charge to whomever it is applied. The Taser will disable a target and cause them to drop a weapon. This is particularly useful when wanting to disarm a squad member when they have gone hostile... at a cost. Using it against a teammate will cause a medium trust loss, and trust will keep decreasing the more shocks you administer. The Taser can also stun Walkers, Imitations and Ruptures briefly, and disarm and kill Whitley's Black Ops. Like the Grenade Launcher, the Taser cannot be given to a Teammate.


The Stun Gun has an average stun gun design, albeit with very large and exaggerate electrodes.



  • The Stun Gun is referred to as "Tazer" in the game's instruction manual, probably to avoid licensing issues. The correct term is "Taser," and it is a brand by the electroshock weapon firm Axon. Taser is a generic name for any electroshock weapon, however, Taser most correctly applies to a pistol that fires electrodes into the skin from a distance.
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