Strata Medical Laboratory (1) - The Thing (2002)

Medical laboratory and cryogenic stasis room, as seen in The Thing (2002).

The Strata Medical Laboratory is a covert underground research complex owned by biotechnology company Gen Inc and located in Antarctica. The facility appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


The research facility was established by the bio-engineering company Gen Inc in order to research on an extraterrestrial organism known as the Thing. The facility is headed by the Chief Medical Researcher Dr. Shaun Faraday along with Gen Inc's Military collaborator Colonel Whitley. The purpose of the facility's establishment is to develop and improve an experimental viral agent known as the Cloud virus, by transporting various test subjects (both human and inhuman) to the laboratory for experimentation.

After Faraday is inadvertently trapped on-board Gen Inc's submersible research station following an outbreak of the virus, Captain Blake of the United States' Arctic Marines rescues him; only to be betrayed by Whitley and shipped back to the Strata Medical Laboratory as a test subject. At the facility, Whitley himself offers to become a test subject for the experimental B4 strain of the Cloud virus, but is rejected by Faraday, who believes the Colonel to be too unstable and valuable to be exposed to the virus. However, Whitley ignores the doctor and infects himself. As Faraday realizes the gravity of the situation, he attempts to destroy the Thing specimens, only to be murdered by Whitley. By the time Blake awakes in the lab, the facility is in chaos and is forced to fight his way to the surface; narrowly avoiding being incinerated by a bomb planted by the Colonel's men. It can be assumed that the entire facility was destroyed in the explosion.

Known Test Subjects

Strata Medical Laboratory (2) - The Thing (2002)

Laboratory cell block (cells 1-10) and test subject observation area, The Thing (2002).

Test subject list

The test subject list.

  • Cell 1 - 829 Stenberg
  • Cell 2 - 764 Curtis
  • Cell 3 - 771 Hanson
  • Cell 4 - 834 Raybould
  • Cell 5 - 945 Rowlands
  • Cell 6 - 589 Fisk
  • Cell 7 - 375 Woolley
  • Cell 8 - 734 Stanmore
  • Cell 9 - 367 Turner
  • Cell 10 - 874 Blake


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