The Thing
The Thing

Stolls is a Gen Inc researcher that was stationed at the Gen Inc Weapons Laboratory in Antarctica.


Journal entries indicate that Stolls was working on an 'anti-thing virus' along with Ryan and Cohen. Stolls, apparently a dedicated employee, spent an entire night doing intensive research into their 'current specimens'.

Discovered by Blake in the weapons laboratory lobby, he and his equally paranoid colleague Ryan hold each other at gunpoint. Another man, Cohen, had been allowed by Ryan to fetch medical supplies and had not returned, much to Stolls' concern. With Blake's intervention, Ryan is revealed to be an imposter and Stolls is indeed human. Aiding Blake as far as the black weapons storage area, Stolls also succumbs to the infection and reveals himself to be a Thing.



  • There is an oversight with Stolls: right after he goes to the timed door you're supposed to open for him, he'll actually become infected, when he's supposed to get infected after he goes into the Thing-infested zone past the door with the Scuttler pods. You can test him after he unsuccessfully tries to go through the door if you don't open it for him, and he bursts out as a result.
  • Sometimes, he will burst out before reaching the door, usually if Ryan has bursted out and is still around.
  • Interestingly enough, when he unsuccesfully tries to get through the timed door and comes back to chastise Blake on it, Ryan's response is used instead of Stolls'. This can be confirmed when going to the sound files in the "english.pak" folder. The reason for this might be that Stolls' response was considered far more aggressive and used swear words: "What the hell happened? I thought I made it pretty goddamn simple what you had to do! Now let's try it again, and this time, asshole, pay attention!"