Stanmore is a Gen Inc researcher and test subject who was incarcerated in the holding cells at the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


Stanmore was an Engineer who was incarcerated and being used as a test subject in Cell 8 of the Strata Medical Laboratory cell block. He was found to be an imitation and was quickly disposed of by Blake and his team.


Stanmore thing

The Stanmore-Thing after bursting out.


  • Stanmore will reveal himself as an imitation quickly, like Parnevik, Carter and Guy.
  • Strangely enough, he will test negative if the blood test hypo is quickly used on him, but once he attempts to leave the cell, he will burst out. Like Guy, he seems to be uninfected at first but scripted to do so after crossing a certain path or waiting a set amount of time.
  • Like other imitations, such as Parnevik and Guy, he does not talk.
  • He trusts Blake 100% right from the start.
  • It's hard to get Stanmore out of Cell 8, as he will not leave on his own, not even if told to follow the player. The moment he approaches the threshold of the cell door, he will pause and immediately burst. One way to make him leave the cell is to use the "Go to" option in the squad menu and tell him to activate a switch, but he'll burst shortly after walking out of the cell.
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