Sniper rifle

The Sniper Rifle in a weapon's crate. Ammo magazines can be seen on the right.

The Sniper Rifle is a weapon in the 2002 video game The Thing capable of firing at enemies at a very long range. It can only be used effectively in first person mode due to its large inaccuracy rating in third person. The weapon fires high velocity rounds that can take human entities down with a single carefully placed headshot. Also, its powerful magnifying scope is a valuable reconnaissance tool. The Sniper Rifle generates a large Courage/Trust boost when given to a teammate. Blake can't carry more than 4 magazines, with 6 rounds each.


The Sniper Rifle's design is ambiguous, but it is clearly a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a large magnifying scope, a 6-round detachable box magazine and a wooden finish. Since the Sniper Rifle is first found in the Norwegian Weather Station, it could be a Heckler & Koch PSG1, albeit with a wooden stock and receiver. The Norwegians in the 1982 film used a Heckler & Koch assault rifle with a sniper scope, the HK93A2.


  • Weather Station - In the observatory where Pierce commits suicide, in a crate.
  • Strata Furnace - In the room where you find Temple, in a crate.
  • Military Airstrip - Inside the hangar behind the Military Airstrip tower, on the right. The Sniper Rifle can be found on the floor behind the plane. Some scuttlers will appear as soon as you approach it.
  • Field Testing - In a shack outside the dome, you must go past the snipers first to get it.
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