Dr. Shaun Faraday was the Chief Medical Researcher of Gen Inc that was conducting a research on an extraterrestrial organism known as the Thing. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing and was portrayed by film director John Carpenter.


Dr. Faraday was stationed at Gen Inc's research facility in Antarctica in order to use the Thing's rapid regenerative abilities to create the Cloud virus through the use of suitable test subjects and Thing beasts. During the infestation caused by the Thing beasts after they escaped, Faraday got trapped at the Test Facility near the Norwegian Outpost. Blake and his team manage to rescue Faraday, however they were ambushed by Whitley and his Black ops, Blake was then sedated by Whitley, who ordered him to be brought back to the research facility. Faraday conducts experiments on Blake and states that Blake might have some sort of immunity to the Thing's infection after several contacts with the Thing beasts, Whitley then offered himself to be a test subject for the Cloud virus, but Faraday turned him down because of the instability on both his mental and his physical conditions, therefore making him unfit for a test subject, Faraday was then shot to death by Whitley.


  • Faraday is voiced by John Carpenter, the director of The Thing.
  • When Faraday joins your team, he will serve as your Medic.
  • His name is misspelled as "Sean" in his first journal entry.