The Sharon-Thing was a Thing which assumed the form of Sharon, a sales assistant from the small town of Wallace Harbour on Stewart Island, New Zealand. The character appeared in the 1993/94 comic series Thing From Another World: Eternal Vows.


After her distraught (and half-naked) colleague, Jenny Campbell turns up at their workplace, Sharon attempts to console her and offers to share her burdens. Jenny, however, reveals herself as the Jenny-Thing and proceeds to assimilate the woman in order to create an ally. Her plan quickly goes awry as the newly-created Sharon-Thing turns out to be highly aggressive, resulting in her attacking and infecting the next customer who walks in.

As R.J. MacReady and Detective Sergeant Rowan try to make their way through the burning, Thing-infested harbour, they encounter the Sharon-Thing in the town's hotel. The duo are chased across the harbour by a pack of creatures lead by the Sharon-Thing, but find that their only means of escape, Gettysburg, has already set sail. Rowan admits that he can't swim well enough to reach the ship, and holds the Things off long enough for MacReady to get to the ship. Out of flamethrower ammo, and with the Sharon-Thing about to assimilate him, Rowan commits suicide by shooting himself. While its fate is not shown, MacReady later hypothesizes that the fire would destroy everything, with those it misses eating each-other and then starving.

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