Seed pods were part of an extraterrestrial creature which survived the crash-landing of its spacecraft in the Arctic. They appear in the 1951 film The Thing from Another World.


After its spacecraft crash lands in the Arctic, a creature emerges from its vessel and freezes in the hostile conditions; only to be discovered shortly afterwards by a United States Air Force (USAF) expedition. Returning it to their base, Polar Expedition Six, the creature accidentally thaws out, revives and escapes outside. The scientists recover an arm, bitten off by the sled dogs. As the arm warms up, it ingests the blood from one of the dogs and begins to come back to life. They learn that, while appearing humanoid, the creature is in fact an advanced form of plant life. Dr. Arthur Carrington soon realizes that the creature requires blood to reproduce and secretly uses blood plasma from the infirmary to incubate and nourish seedlings he has taken from the arm, failing to advise his colleagues or Captain Patrick Hendry of what he has done. Nikki Nicholson reluctantly updates Hendry when he asks about missing plasma and confronts Carrington in the greenhouse, where he sees that the creature's planted seed pods have grown at an alarming rate. After the creature is destroyed its seedlings are also destroyed.