Scuttlers are small, autonomous Thing beasts which are formed from the severed body parts of Thing imitations. The creatures appeared in the 2002 video-game The Thing and are loosely based on the final form of the Norris-Thing from the 1982 film The Thing.


Scuttlers have mutated into arachnid-like forms, with some resemblance to their host's original body parts; such as heads, limbs, and torsos. Most have developed strong hind legs to propel them quickly towards their victims and may attack with teeth or digestive fluid, depending on the variant. While they are generally weak and easily dispatched with small arms fire, the Scuttlers tend to attack in (often very large) groups to overwhelm enemies and often make use of vents and small hiding places. The creatures are typically spawned from Walkers, corpses and Scuttler Pods.


There appears to be four main different types of Scuttlers, with seven variants in total:

  1. Biped Scuttlers: The most basic and least damaging Scuttlers, a head with two legs protruding from it, it roars like a dog and attacks by biting. It has a more aggressive and damaging variant, which seems to lack facial features and has large, protruding fangs. They cannot jump.
  2. Arachnid Scuttlers: These Scuttlers have four spider-like legs and can jump long distances, attacking by lunging at their victims from afar. They come in three different variants.
  3. Spitting Scuttlers: Green scorpion-like Scuttlers which have the ability to spew a type of paralyzing venom that is not harmful, but hampers the movement of the victim so it can be attacked by other Scuttlers. They cannot jump, but they can attack the player if standing too close to them. They come in three variants.
  4. Arachno-Head Scuttlers: A merge between Biped and Arachnid Scuttlers, these are comprised of a head supported by spider-like legs. They are similar to the Arachnid Scuttlers, being able to jump at great lengths. They're the most agile, aggressive and deadliest of all the Scuttlers.

(Note: a special type of Scuttler, the Overgrown Scuttler, appears in the Pyron Sub Facility levels. They take the form of normal Scuttlers, except they are much larger due to the experiments conducted in the testing chambers).


  • Curiously enough, one of the Spitting Scuttlers is formed out of the head of a gas mask-wearing Black Ops soldier.


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