Samuel Holt is a crew-member from an American fishing boat, the Gettysburg. The character appeared in the 1993/94 comic series Thing From Another World: Eternal Vows.


Part of the crew from the American fishing boat, the Gettysburg, Samuel Holt is stopping over in the town of Wallace Harbour on Stewart Island, New Zealand. Holt leaves a local bar and comes across the Jenny-Thing, sat alone and crying in an alleyway. He goes to comfort her, but this turns out to be a ploy, and tentacles erupt from her body and stab him. However, she is unable to consume him, and it turns out that "Holt" is actually the Powell-Thing, who killed the man and took his form (making Holt's corpse resemble his own).

The following morning, the Powell-Thing (in Holt's form again) arrives at the Gettysburg, but R.J. MacReady and Detective Sergeant Rowan take him into custody and perform a blood test, indicating that "Holt" is a Thing. Powell-Thing then transforms into a monstrous form and tries to kill the two, but MacReady is able to set it alight with a flamethrower. As the Powell-Thing dies, it briefly takes on the shape all those it's previously infected, including Jenny... who MacReady and Rowan immediately realize wasn't a murder victim, and thus is obviously a Thing.

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