Ryan is a Gen Inc researcher that was stationed at the Gen Inc Weapons Laboratory in Antarctica.


Discovered by Blake in the weapons laboratory lobby, he and his equally paranoid colleague Stolls held each other at gunpoint. Another man, Cohen had been allowed by Ryan to fetch medical supplies and had not returned, much to Stolls' concern. With Blake's intervention, Ryan was revealed to be an imposter while Stolls was proved to be human.

Journal entries indicate that Ryan was working on an 'anti-thing virus' along with Stolls and Cohen. While their superior commends Stolls' impeccable work, he or she notes that Ryan is picking up the new technology at a reasonable pace. Despite various Thing-related 'incidents' in the laboratory, it is noted that Ryan is the only researcher who appears to be in good spirits—indicating that he may have been infected for quite some time.



  • When Stolls unsuccessfully tries to go through the timed door Blake is supposed to open, Ryan's reprimand is used instead of Stolls'. This can be confirmed when going to the sound files in the "english.pak" folder. The reason for this is perhaps that Ryan's response was far softer and didn't use swear words: "What the hell happened?! I thought I made it pretty simple what you had to do! Now, let's try it again and this time pay attention."
  • He shares the same bug with Carter (Soldier), where he will burst out and remain in human form but acting like an Assimilant. To do this, get Ryan and Stolls to follow you into the room with computers, restore power and get to the control panel with the CCTV. The cutscene where Stolls explains that you have to open the timed door will play, and Ryan will have bursted out by this point, acting like an Assimilant but in human form.
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