The Thing
The Thing

Ruptures are large and powerful Things which act as end of level bosses in the 2002 video game The Thing. They can take up an entire room or even be part of the room integrated into the architecture. Typically, they have human forms imbedded in them and attack with tentacles, teeth and fluids. They are not mobile and are confined to the location in which they are met. There are four 'ruptures' in the game.


Hangar Rupture

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The first boss. A Norwegian Radio Operator named Iversen emerged out of his hiding spot after Blake and his team fended of a wave of Thing beasts. Iversen ran away to the Pyron Hangar and locked himself in the warehouse. He was eventually infected by the Thing and mutates into a large grotesque creature, which was later found by Blake, but it was destroyed by him using his Military grade arsenals.

Furnace Rupture

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The second boss. After Blake gained consciousness after being sedated by Whitley, he manage to get several staff members of the facility to affiliate with him in order to survive. Together they fought off both the escaped Thing beasts and Whitley's Black Ops that were guarding the entire facility. Eventually they reached the facility's basement, where Blake entered the furnace room in order to be able to proceed further in the facility, however he discovered a large fearsome creature inhabiting the room. Blake managed to fix a nearby junction box and use the electricity as an advantage to stun the creature. The Furnace Thing was then destroyed and Blake gained access to the next room after pushing the switch behind the creature's remains, but he discovered a time bomb rigged to explode, he manage to escape via elevator and reached the surface, while the rest of the research facility was completely destroyed in the explosion.

Laboratory Rupture

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The third boss. Blake enters the Military Outpost's weapon laboratory in order to retrieve a key card in order to use the elevator to reach the surface. However shortly after he entered the lab, a large Rupture emerges from the lab's ceiling and, along with a Walker, attacked Blake, who was able to kill it by shooting it several times and finally burning it.

Cloud B4 Carrier

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The last boss of the game. Shortly after Whitley's brief encounter with Blake, he began to feel the side effect of the B4 Cloud Virus he injected earlier and mutated into a massive creature. Luckily for Blake, a helicopter pilot (who is later revealed to be R.J. MacReady) assisted him in confronting the creature. Blake uses the helicopter's mounted machine gun and destroyed the nearby fuel drums to his advantage. The creature was eventually destroyed, and Blake and MacReady escape the Antarctic via helicopter.