Pyron submersible interior 3 - The Thing (2002)

The Pyron Sub Facility is an underwater testing facility own by Gen Inc that was established underneath the Pyron Hangar which is located at the Thule Station, where the first Thing infestation on Earth occurred.


After the discovery of an extraterrestrial organism known as the Thing, Gen Inc established the test facility underneath foundation of the Thule Station, Gen Inc also established a research facility in the outskirts of Antarctica. The test facility is divided into two sections, which are the Alpha and Beta sections, it is headed by Dr. Shaun Faraday, who conducted experiments on the Thing Beasts to study on the Thing's regenerative capabilities, the Thing beasts were bred in the Testing Chambers. Eventually the Thing beasts manage to escape and began killing off the test facility's personnel, Blake manage to gain access to the test facility through the Pyron Hangar after fighting the Hangar Rupture. He then rescued Faraday, however they were captured by Whitley and his elite Black Ops unit who were waiting for them at the Pyron Hangar, they were taken to the research facility. What became of the test facility remains unknown.