Pyron hangar exterior - The Thing (2002)

The Pyron Hangar is a large warehouse located at the Thule Station. Its underground section is connected with the Pyron Hangar, the only known route used to gain access to the Pyron Sub Facility.

During Alpha Team's investigation into the Norwegian Outpost, they discovered the Pyron Hangar, but they were attacked by the Thing Beasts and got separated. Later, Blake and his team saw the Norwegian Radio Operator, who ran off and locked himself in the warehouse, Blake was able to enter the warehouse via vents and encountered Collins. The two later faced off against several Thing Beasts and were able to kill all of them. Collins later repaired the Junction box in order to gain access to the passage that led to the Sub facility, however, Collins suddenly transformed into an Assimilant and Blake had to dispose of him. While in the Hangar, Blake faced off against the Norwegian Radio Operator, who transformed into a Rupture. Blake was able to kill it and proceeded into the Sub Facility.

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