Polar Expedition Six - Profile

Composite image of Polar Expedition Six exterior, as seen in The Thing from Another World (1951).

Polar Expedition Six is a U.S. Arctic research station which appears in the 1951 film The Thing from Another World. The station is operated by the United States.


In the 1951 film The Thing from Another World, scientists from the Polar Expedition Six research station observe an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashing to the earth. They assemble a team of men who travel to the crash site and discover it buried in the ice, with a body nearby, frozen in the ice. They excavate the tall body, preserving it in a large ice block and return to the research outpost as a major storm moves in, making communication with the outside world very difficult. The plant creature accidentally thaws out, revives and infiltrates the outpost - attempting to procreate by planting seed pods in the greenhouse and feeding them with blood. The creature is eventually overcome and destroyed by electrocution.



  • In the short story Who Goes There?, on which 1951's The Thing from Another World was based, the outpost was called Big Magnet.
  • Unlike the later 1982 and 2011 films, the outpost was located in the Arctic, rather than Antarctica.


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