The pod creatures were various extraterrestrial creatures harvested from around the galaxy by the pilot species who accidentally brought the Thing to Earth. The creatures, silhouetted in containment pods, were planned for inclusion in the 2011 prequel film The Thing and were dropped after the Pilot scenes were abandoned due to studio pressure and a poor reception with test audiences.[1] Although removed from the film, the creature props can still be seen in photographs released by their creators, Amalgamated Dynamics (ADI).


In the lead-up to the 'Pilot' ending of The Thing, the film's protagonist Kate Lloyd was to discover a number of frozen alien specimens whilst wandering the derelict spacecraft (silhouetted in containment pods) - part of the pilot species' zoological research and collected from different parts of the universe. Amalgamated Dynamics created six "pod creatures" for the scene suspended in frozen pods, one of which had burst open from the inside.


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