Parnevik is a Medic that was found onboard the Pyron Sub Facility in Antarctica.


Parnevik was a Medic trapped in the testing chambers inside the Pyron submersible facility. Since he had the same uniform as Iversen (the Norwegian Radio Operator) he might have been a captured Norwegian test subject from Thule Station and not a Gen Inc researcher. He was found to be an imitation and was quickly disposed of by Blake and his team, hinting at having been perhaps one of the original infected members of Iversen's research group found and captured by Gen Inc. Price, a Gen Inc Engineer, says when found that some of his guys are trapped in the testing chambers, which could also perhaps hint at Parnevik joining Gen Inc at some point.



The Parnevik-Thing.


  • Parnevik will reveal himself as an imitation quickly when encountered, like Stanmore, Carter and Guy.
  • Like other imitations found, such as Stanmore and Guy, he does not talk.
  • Parnevik will burst out if taken further into the testing chambers, but will remain in your team if you don't, acting as a squad Medic. Sometimes this is difficult to pull off, as he'll burst out immediately.
  • The Norwegian Radio Operator (Iversen) wears the same uniform as Parnevik, hinting at the fact that perhaps Parnevik belonged to the Norwegian Antarctic Research Team originally, and not Gen Inc (he doesn't wear the white Medic uniform with a red cross and biohazard symbol that Gen Inc medical researchers wear).
  • Parnevik is a surname of Swedish origin. Since he's the only one wearing the same uniform as Iversen, so he might be of Swedish/Norwegian origin.
  • Parnevik and Fisk share the exact same burst-out Assimilant model. Although Fisk's is more flawed (missing neck sections and clipping) both models have a glitch where the head will become invisible from a distance.
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