Olav was a Norwegian researcher stationed at the Norwegian Antarctic research station, Thule Station. The character appears in the 2011 film The Thing and was portrayed by actor Jan Gunnar Røise.


Olav was part of a three-man research team (the others being Peder and Lars) which discovered an extraterrestrial spacecraft buried in the ice, when their Snowcat plunged into a crevasse. Following the discovery a combined team of Norwegians and Americans exhumed the craft's frozen passenger and returned to Thule Station to celebrate. However, during the festivities the creature escapes from its icy prison and search parties are organized to track it down. Partnered with Henrik Larsen, the pair find the creature lurking underneath a hut and attempt to raise the alarm - but not before the Thing attacks and kills Larsen in front of him. Following the experience, Olav is left severely traumatized and plans are drawn up by American helicopter pilot Sam Carter to fly the Norwegian to McMurdo Station for medical treatment.

However, as they are lifting off Kate Lloyd immediately began to flag them down after finding evidence that someone had been assimilated by the shape-shifting creature. Initially hesitant, Carter eventually decides to land his chopper. Visibly distraught, Olav is reassured by fellow passenger Griggs, who is quickly revealed to be an imitation and begins to violently transform in front of the screaming Norwegian. In the chaos, the helicopter rapidly begins to spin out of control and disappears amid the mountain-range behind the Outpost. He and his attacker are assumed to have been destroyed in the crash.



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