Norwegian Weather Station

The Norwegian Weather Station.

The Norwegian Weather Station was a meteorological facility comprised of an observatory and several adjoining buildings and warehouses. It was near the Pyron Hangar, which was a large warehouse used by Gen Inc that led to the Pyron Submersible Facility.


Blake, Pace and Williams chased the Norwegian Radio Operator to the Pyron Hangar, where he locked himself in. As the team explored the facility, Pace and Williams succumbed to infection. Blake dealt with them and relocated Pierce, who had run to the facility's observatory. After a brief exchange where Pierce revealed he believed the Thing had gotten him, Blake tried to dissuade him from shooting himself but Pierce committed suicide regardless. Blake found a way into the hangar and proceeded with his mission.


  • Although the Weather Station is supposed to be Norwegian, the maps seen in the facility are in English. This could be a stylistic choice, meaning that, since Blake knows Norwegian, they appear as such to the player.
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