Front entrance of the Norwegian Research Center.

The Norwegian Research Center was a Norwegian Antarctic facility adjacent to Thule Station. It consisted of a guard tower, a rec room, a comms room, a mess hall, a kitchen, sleeping quarters and a storage hut. It was explored by Blake and his men. 


On their way to the Norwegian Research Center from Thule Station, Blake and Pierce became separated during a blizzard. Blake was then attacked from a guard tower with grenades by an unknown assailant, later revealed to be Pace, an Engineer belonging to the Arctic Marines. After recognizing Blake and establishing trust, he explained how he and fellow Marine Williams chased a strange animal and were attacked by the Norwegian Radio Operator, making them lose track of one another in the commotion. Blake encountered a paranoid Williams inside the facility's mess hall, who, just like Pierce, threatened him with a flamethrower. Blake inquired whether Williams had access to the comms room, to which Williams replied that he did, but woudln't help unless Blake took care of three Full Walkers roaming the facility. Blake fulfilled his request and gained his trust. When reaching the comms room, the squad found that the radio equipment had been thrashed, and were attacked by several Scuttlers and Walkers. They later went to locate an emergency radio at the Norwegian Medi-Center, where a team of Norwegians had lost contact with the Research Center and never came back.



Guard tower.


Guard tower interior.


Mess hall and kitchen.


Comms room.


Rec room.


Sleeping quarters.


Collage with topless woman.


  • The Norwegian Research Center's mess hall and kitchen is where the introduction of the game takes place, where Iversen and Larsen are killed by a Full Walker.
  • Although seen in the intro, this level features the introduction of the Full Walker enemy.
  • This is also the first appearance of the Arachnid Scuttler, as well as the Tentacle.
  • The first Full Walker ever of the game will be seen outside from a window when you turn left from the Rec Room, in a hallway where there is a Machine Gun ammo crate. If you're quick enough, you can head back outside and see and fight it, but it will disappear after it crosses the script path that makes it disappear. It wasn't meant to be encountered outside by the player.
  • If Pace is with you, he will be severely frightened by the Walker seen from the window.
  • There is a collage outside the comms room featuring several real-life low resolution photos. One of them is, surprisingly, of a topless woman.
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