Exterior of the Norwegian Medi-Center.

The Norwegian Medi-Center was a Norwegian medical facility comprised of an infirmary, sleeping quarters, an armory and an outside hut used for blowtorch and flamethrower fuel storage. The facility was explored by Blake and his men.


After rescuing Pace and Williams in the Norwegian Research Center, Blake headed to the Medi-Center after discovering that someone had thrashed the radio in the comms room. Reading a journal in a computer that mentioned that a team never made it back from the Medi-Center, Blake chose to head there in order to find the emergency radio. Once there, the trio found the facility deserted, save for a room infested by Tentacles and Scuttler Pods. Heading into the radio room, the team found that the emergency radio was missing, and was soon swarmed by hordes of Scuttlers and attacked by two Brute Walkers and an unknown Assimilant. After disposing of the Things, the team was the Norwegian Radio Operator running, and chased after him to the Pyron Hangar, located near the Norwegian Weather Station.



Infirmary/Main room


Sleeping quarters.




Fuel storage hut.


Unknown Assimilant from the fuel storage hut.


  • This is the first level where the Brute Walker Thing appears.
  • There is an unknown Assimilant that emerges from the fuel storage hut. It is unknown who he was, but he appears to be wearing the same uniform as the Arctic Marines, and the Assimilant model is the same as the infected Marines, with the same head.
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