Larsen was a researcher stationed at the Norwegian Research Center in Antarctica. He appeared in the 2002 video game The Thing.


In the game's introductory cutscene someone mans a CCTVs following Larsen, a Norwegian researcher who was investigating a disturbance in the Norwegian Research Center's mess hall. Iversen, a Norwegian Radio Operator, was heard yelling Larsen's name in the dark, and Larsen finally found him lying injured and begging for help. He proceeded to check up on his teammate when a Full Walker appeared and attacked him. Larsen fended it off first by shooting it with his pistol, then by hitting it on the head, yet he was ultimately mauled and killed. The Walker then proceeded to attack and assimilate Iversen just as the camera's video feed was cut off and a mysterious man chuckled.


  • Larsen wears the same uniform as Collins.
  • His name has been assumed to be Larsen because of Iversen screaming "Larsen" in the game's intro, leading to some confusion as to who was uttering the name. Aside from the fact that the Norwegian Radio Operator is named Iversen and not Larsen in the squad menu, the voices are different. The voice difference is more noticeable when Larsen (the Norwegian in the blue coat) screams when seeing the Walker and after being mauled. His voice is much different, and indicates he was not the one yelling "Larsen."
  • Coincidentally, the first victim of the Original Thing is named Henrik Larsen.



Larsen checks on Iversen, the Norwegian Radio Operator.

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