Larsen was a Norwegian field medic and radio operator. He was stationed at the Norwegian Research Center in Thule Station.


He was first and only seen during the first cutscene of the game in a security camera footage, where he is asking for help and sitting, seemingly wounded, against the kitchen's counter in the Norwegian Research Center. As another fellow member found him, they were promptly attacked by a Full Walker. The fellow member was killed by the Walker, and it then turned its attention to Larsen, presumably killing him as the camera looses transmission and a mysterious man chuckles.

Larsen was seemingly assimilated and was chased by Blake and his team to the Pyron Hangar, where he burst into a Rupture. He was defeated by Blake.


  • It is possible that he might have been a Medic as he was wearing the same uniform that Parnevik was wearing, with a visible red cross.
  • There are speculations that the unknown Norwegian radio operator was in fact Larsen, as they share the same uniform and he would have been likely assimilated by the Walker that attacked him earlier.
  • Coincidentally, the first victim of the Original Thing is named Henrik Larsen.