Kinner-Thing is a Thing creature created through the cook Kinner from Who Goes There? novel only. Kinner was apparently assimilated while milking The Big Magnet's small herd of cattle, which McReady later determined to be infected. Either driven insane by fear or mimicking insanity, the Kinner-Thing was locked away in the Cosmos House, where it constantly and loudy screamed, prayed and sung hymns for hours until the Clark-Thing, fed up, stabbed it to 'death'. McReady, Barclay, Van Wall and Norris examined the body and saw that the hand was turning into a furry paw-like appendage with thick talons, McReady cut the imitation 'half in two' with a large knife and Barclay finally destroyed the Kinner-Thing with with an electric cattle prod. Norris later commented on the Thing's acting ability; "Sitting there for hours, mouthing prayers to a God it hated!"


  • Norris' comment on the Thing hating God was simply his opinion, as it obvously never explained any sort of personal religious or cultural ideals to the humans at The Big Magnet aside from those of the humans which it had assimilated. 
  • It is unclear why the Clark-Thing stabbed its fellow, whether it was simply annoyed by the amount of noise it was making or trying to divert attention away from itself. If the latter, it nearly succeeded, as McReady proclaimed him to be "the only one we know is human" for attempting to commit murder, a very human act. It was unmasked moments later during the blood test, however, and destroyed.
  • It is also possible that the Clark-Thing was trying to protect the Kinner-Thing, by 'killing' it before it could be exposed by the blood test.

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