The Juliette-Thing was a Thing which assumed the form of Juliette, a geologist stationed at the Norwegian research station, Thule Station. The creature appeared in the 2011 film The Thing.


Juliette was a French geologist at the Norwegian base and the only other female apart from Kate Lloyd. After hearing Kate's explanation of the thing and its way of assimilating people, Juliette confided in Kate and told her that the only way to stop people leaving is to get the five keys to the vehicles.

Once Kate begins searching for them in the drawer that Juliette instructs her to search in, Juliette slowly reveals herself to be the Thing. Kate only finds four of the five keys, and upon inquiring on where the fifth is, all that can be heard from Juliette is moaning, squealing, and ripping of flesh as the creature creates a new form by literally ripping Juliette's stomach out. As Kate turns around, she witnesses the transformation as Juliette's stomach opens outwards into a gaping mouth with an new arm broken out of the side of her abdominal region. Juliettes head and right arm are left hanging onto the top of the thing as now useless appendages and her left arm elongates and a claws emerges from the hand. Tentacles begin to writhe within the gaping mouth cavity and it screams at Kate as it lunges towards her and attempts to assimilate her. Kate dodges this at the last minute and pulls over a cabinet onto the Juliette-Thing which easily shrugs off the useless attack/defense. As Kate races down a corridor she yells 'RUN!' to Karl, another Norwegian team member, who is standing in the hallway.

The Juliette-Thing impales the unwary and confused Karl and it begins assimilating him as well. As Kate then tells other members, she slowly opens the door which the Thing is behind. The Juliette-Thing can be seen feeding slowly on Karl with the tentacles from the stomach cavity. Kate then yells 'BURN IT!' attracting the Thing's attention, which it is then blasted by Lars using a flamethrower, after first pausing in shock of what he was witnessing. The Thing runs to a sink to douse the flames but Lars easily dispatches it with another quick blast from his flamethrower.


  • It is likely that Juliette was attacked and assimilated by Griggs in the bathroom and that the fillings and the blood in the shower belong to her.