The Jonas-Thing was an incomplete Thing which partially assumed the form of Jonas, a Norwegian researcher stationed at the Thule Antarctic research station. The creature appeared in the 2011 film The Thing.


After he is injured by an exploding flamethrower fuel tank, Edvard Wolner is carried back to the rec room by Colin and Jonas, who grab each of Edvard's arms, with Jonas taking his left arm. As they cross the room, the Edvard-Thing's left arm detaches and clings to a now terrified Jonas's left hand and begins attacking him. Jonas grabs it with his bare right hand in attempt to prevent it from smothering him. In the ensuing chaos, the Edvard-Thing kills Derek and successfully drags away a screaming Adam. As Kate arrives with a flamethrower, she spots Jonas, whose right arm is fused to the Centipede-Thing, with its tentacles deeply embedded in his face. His assimilation is clearly well underway. The Jonas-Thing gives Kate a pleading look, so she incinerates him and the Centipede-Thing.


  • Jonas-Thing's fate is similar to the Windows-Thing's from The Thing (1982). Both of them, after being hopelessly mauled by an imitation, were incinerated while partially transformed. Both whilst leaning up against a board-games shelf in the outpost's Rec Room.


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