Iversen was a Radio Operator and Soldier (presumably a Medic as well, judging by his uniform) who was stationed at the Norwegian Research Center in Antarctica. He appeared in the 2002 video game The Thing.


He was first seen during the intro cutscene of the game via CCTV footage, where he is shown asking for help and sitting, seemingly wounded, against the kitchen's counter in the Norwegian Research Center. As Larsen, a fellow squad mate, found him, they were promptly attacked by a Full Walker. Larsen was killed by the Walker, which then turned its attention to Iversen and attacked him as the camera lost feedback and a mysterious man chuckled.

Iversen was seemingly assimilated and was chased by Blake and his team to the Pyron Hangar, where he burst into the Hangar Rupture. He was defeated by Blake.



Iversen as an NPC squad mate, spawned via mods.


Iversen in the squad menu. Notice how he's listed as a Soldier. This is also the only way to know his real name.


  • Iversen's name can only be known by spawning him via mods, like this one.
  • He's listed as a Soldier in the squad menu if he's recruited through mods. It is possible that he might have been originally a Medic before being assimilated, as he was wearing the same uniform as Parnevik, with a visible red cross.
  • His name has been assumed to be Larsen because of him screaming "Larsen" in the game's intro. Larsen, rather, appears to be the Norwegian in the blue coat, as his voice is much different. Besides, Iversen could not be Larsen, as his name has been confirmed by spawning him as an NPC via mods.
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