The Thing
The Thing

The human burstout is a creature variant that was intended for inclusion in The Thing II, a planned sequel to the 2002 video game The Thing. However, it was ultimately scrapped after developer Computer Artworks entered receivership in October 2003[1]. Although cancelled, pre-production art guides were released, revealing the developers' vision for the game.


According to the art guide description, the human burstout resembles its original non-player character (NPC) form with a few abnormalities and distortions. With a slightly contorted face, sunken eyes and a dislocated jaw, the creature is only distinguishable when facing the player and could visually pass for a team-member when its back is facing them. The human beast is able to continue to function like a human being, operating machinery and using human weaponry; whilst retaining the enhancements of a Thing. As the game progresses, the creature learns the ability to spawn scuttlers by ripping apart its rib cage and forming a scuttler from its spilled intestines. Technically-speaking, the burstout geometry for the creature's reveal was intended to be hidden away inside the NPC model and would unfold as the monster is revealed.



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