""You gotta be fucking kidding...""
Palmer, in response to seeing the Head Spider

The Head Spider was the head of Vance Norris that split off from his body after the Norris-Thing was burnt.


This creature is the head of Norris turned upside-down with six spider-like legs and eye stalks sprouting for underneath the chin.


After the Norris-Thing reveals itself and transforms, MacReady burns it with his flamethrower. As the rest of it's body is burning, the Norris-Thing's (original) head tears itself away from it's shoulders and slowly slides down the side of the table onto the floor, where it extends a long tentacle from it's mouth and grabs onto a desk before slowly pulling itself underneath it. It then grows six spider-like legs and pair of insect eyes on stalks, thus becoming the Head Spider. After the men put out the fire with extinguishers, the Head Spider tries to scuttle away while they aren't looking, but is unfortunately spotted by Windows and Palmer, the latter making an incredulous statement which alerts MacReady who turns around and incinerates the Head Spider before it can escape.

The Head Spider made MacReady suspect that every part of the Norris-Thing was alive and intelligent, and decided to determine who else was really human with the help of a blood test.

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