Hanson is a test subject that was detained and experimented on in the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


Hanson was the test subject held in Cell #3 of the Strata Medical Laboratory holding cells. He wrote a journal which Blake found, where he expressed fear at the situation and the reason for his detainment, as well as the constant disappearances of people around him. He also expressed unease at hearing strange noises. Eventually he decided to escape by using a vent in his cell (hinting Blake at an escape route). Hanson must have made it, as the corpse with his journal is in one of the hallways. Due to the state of the corpse, he appears to have been mauled by the Walker patroling the hallway, or shot by the automatic turret.


  • Hanson's body is a generic corpse used throughout the game.
  • The test subject list shows that Hanson was indeed held in Cell #3. This, along with his journal, serves as a hint for players to inspect this cell for an escape route.


Hanson diary 1

Page 1 of Hanson's journal.

Hanson diary 2

Page 2 of Hanson's journal

Hanson diary 3

Page 3 of Hanson's journal.

Test subject list

The test subject list accessed by Blake. It correctly shows Hanson's cell as #3, the cell where the vent is.

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