The Hangar Rupture is an advanced form of the Rupture after the Norwegian Radio Operator was assimilated by the Thing in the Pyron Hangar. It served as the first boss of the game.


A Norwegian Radio Operator emerged out of his hiding spot after Blake and his team fended off a wave of Thing beasts, Blake attempted to cooperate with him in order for him to be able to contact the outside world, however the Radio Man locked himself in the warehouse. The Radio Man was eventually infected by the Thing and mutates into a large grotesque creature. It then faced Blake, but it was destroyed by him using his Military grade arsenals.


When the cutscene stops pull back because the boss will strike very quickly. Stand near the boxes in the corner, the ones to the left of the door when you enter and shoot like hill with any weapon use the weapon of your. Auto-aiming is the best way to shoot kill this boss. The boss will destroy the room and if it breaks the wall next to you, it will reveal a Scuttler pod. Burn it from around the corner of the box using the first person view. This way the scuttlers would not annoy you. Most the boss targets of are at its base, but once you shoot them into red, the target will to the top. Shoot it until a cutscene reveals a human torso. Some tentacles will spring from the grate to your left at the other corner of the room. Don't worry they can't hit you. Shoot them until it's killed it off. When all threat is removed and you've destroyed all the targets you're your vantage point, destroy all the crates on the floor and you will discover some flame grenades. Run over and stand next to the grate. Face the boss and more targets will appear at the base. Shoot each of them or use a flame grenade at the base. Once you've reduced all targets to deep red, shoot or use a couple of flame grenades on the boss to finish him off.


  • The Hangar Rupture's right arm resembles the unknown deleted scene Thing Beast that merged out of the Blair-Thing, while its left arm resembles the Kennel-Thing.
  • It is possible that the Radio Man is in fact Larsen, the Norwegian that was attacked by a Walker in the first cutscene of the game as they share the same face and type of clothing. It was likely that the Thing might have assimilated Larsen right after the cutscene.
  • After enough damage is dealt to the Rupture, the Radio Man will emerge from its top part, and the Rupture acquires a new attack, the paralyzing venom Walkers, Imitations and some Scuttlers produce. It produces it out of its right arm.
  • It is possible to stun it briefly with the Taser.
  • It is possible to skip the entire boss fight by just going to the Junction Box, fixing it and heading through the door that opens.