The Griggs-Thing was a Thing which assumed the form of Griggs, an American helicopter crewman stationed at the Norwegian research station, Thule Station. The creature appeared in the 2011 film The Thing.


When some members of the team were getting ready to leave in the helicopter to transport Olav to a hospital, Griggs was among them. Before they could fully leave the area, Kate Lloyd ran outside to flag down the helicopter after discovering metal fillings and a pool of blood in a shower. Kate thought that the Thing could be on the helicopter. Griggs seemed calm as he smoothly talked to Olav, who was still disturbed by Henrik's death. Sam Carter and Derek Jameson both notice Kate signaling them and they decide to land just to be safe. In that moment, Griggs' reassurance to Olav, quickly turns into horror. Griggs' face vertically splits down the middle while simultaneously revealing a mass of flesh, tentacles and teeth which erupted from his chest cavity, killing Olav. In the chaos, the helicopter lost control and crashed behind the mountains. The Griggs-Thing is assumed to have died in the crash.