Griggs (nicknamed 'Griggsy') was an American helicopter crewman temporarily stationed at the Norwegian research station, Thule Station. The character appeared in the 2011 film The Thing and was portrayed by actor Paul Braunstein.


Griggs was part of the three-man Sea King helicopter crew (along with pilots Sam Carter and Derek Jameson) which transports Dr. Sander Halvorson's research team to the Thule Antarctic research station. As the crew of the station celebrate their discovery of an extraterrestrial creature, Griggs goes outside to fetch more beer from the helicopter and is startled by the sound of the escaping creature; strongly implying that he becomes the first human victim of the Thing. Following the death of Henrik Larsen, his fellow researcher Olav is left severely traumatized and in need of medical treatment. As the helicopter crew begin to depart for McMurdo Station with the Norwegian, Kate Lloyd runs outside to flag down the aircraft; fearing that the Thing could be on-board, after having discovering metal fillings and a pool of blood in a shower. Griggs seemed calm and reassuring, as he talked to Olav, who was still disturbed by Henrik's death. Sam Carter and Derek Jameson both notice Kate signalling them and they decide to land just to be safe; inadvertently prompting the Griggs-Thing to reveal itself and attack Olav. In the chaos, the helicopter loses control and crashes behind the mountains. The creature is assumed to have been destroyed in the crash.


  • Griggs was the first assimilated human in the whole franchise.