Grenade launcher - The Thing (2002)

In-game image of the grenade launcher, The Thing (2002).

The Grenade Launcher is a weapon that launches a grenade to greater distances than a soldier could throw it by hand. The weapon first appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing, where it is capable of priming and launching all grenade types which detonate on impact with any surface. The Grenade Launcher has low accuracy when used in motion and cannot be given to other squad members.


The Grenade Launcher appears to be based on a Milkor 37/38mm and 40mm Stopper, a South African single-shot grenade launcher. It also incorporates elements of the German Heckler & Koch HK69A1 and the Polish Pallad wz. 1983, such as the elongated barrel, a synthetic pistol grip and a lightweight telescopic metal stock with a rubber shoulder pad.


  • Pyron Submersible Facility - Sub Alpha: in Cell 3 where a Walker is at the beginning of the level. You can see it on the desk when you  look through one of the CCTVs in the operations room.
  • Strata Medical Laboratory - Furnace: When you get to the garage before the Hangar Rupture, turn right and throw a grenade at the crates in the corner. One crate will fall down and you can go behind the rest of the crates and get the grenade launcher.
  • Transit Hangar: In the store room, on the desk next to the computer. There is a message about it on one of the  computers.
  • Weapons Security: In a small hut just  ahead of you when you start. There is a Walker inside. Fix the Junction Box to access it, but beware of the Walker, which will escape as you fix it.
  • Weapons Laboratory: On the desk in the Save Terminal #2 room.
  • Field Testing: In a shack outside the dome, you must go past Whitley's snipers first to get it.
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