Fisk was a Soldier and test subject incarcerated at the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


Found in one of the holding cells at Strata Medical Laboratory, where he was being experimented on by Gen Inc as a test subject, Fisk aided Blake in escaping the facility through the furnace room and tunnel system, alongside Falchek and Dixon, as well as disposing of the Imitation Stanmore. He disappeared once Blake and his team proceeded further into the Strata Furnace facility by taking the elevator. His fate is unknown, but he was mostly likely killed either by The Thing at some point or by the bomb left by Whitley.


  • There is a secret cutscene you can trigger that involves Fisk: in the Strata Medical Laboratory, if you bring him to the room with the elevator before the laser access, if you turn the lasers back on and enter the elevator room, a cutscene will trigger where Blake asks Fisk for the access code, prompting Fisk to tell him the correct code (on, off, off, on). It is unknown why this cutscene plays, it is perhaps an oversight by the developers, as the player has no way of knowing the code before getting to Fisk.
  • Surprisingly enough, Fisk's head is used for one of the Things stored in the formaldehyde tanks Whitley examines in the Strata Medical Laboratory.
  • Fisk can become a Thing if sufficiently exposed to scuttler attacks. He has a burst-out Assimilant model that is shared with Parnevik. It is not finished, since it features clipping and missing sections in the neck. Also, just like Parnevik's, the model will glitch at a distance, with the head completely disappearing.



The Fisk head-Thing.


The Fisk-Thing. Notice the missing clipping sections in the neck.

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