Gen Inc research dome exterior - The Thing (2002)

The exterior of Gen Inc's field testing dome.

The Field Testing site was a large weapon testing facility in Antarctica, owned by biotechnology firm Gen Inc and overseen by Colonel Whitley. It was comprised of a large dome and several other structures near the Thing's UFO crash site, in a large area surrounded by snowy canyons. It was featured in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


After escaping the Weapons Laboratory facility and heading to the surface, Blake chased Whitley through large snowy canyons and narrow passes, fighting numerous Black Ops soldiers along the way. The area was notoriously free of Thing activity and infection, and was probably Gen Inc's last safe haven in Antarctica. After reaching the dome, Blake confronted and attempted to neutralize Whitley, shooting at some explosive barrels on top of an oil spill. Whitley merely shrugged off the flames enveloping his body, apparently immune, and revealed to Blake that he controlled the entire continent, and that global infection by the Cloud B4 Virus was due soon. Whitley ran further into the facility as Blake gave chase, fighting more Black Ops and Whitley's crack sniper team. After defeating them all and heading to the original UFO crash site, Blake witnessed Whitley vomiting and succumbing to infection, eventually mutating into the Cloud B4 carrier, a towering Rupture and the largest ever conceived. A helicopter flying over the area landed narrowly avoided an attack by the Rupture, as the pilot proceeded to land and address Blake, asking whether he needed help. Blake promptly got on the helicopter manning its M60 machine gun as the pilot circled around the Whitley Rupture. Blake strategically shot at four sets of fuel barrels, which diverted flames at the Rupture's base, and kept shooting at its head and body appendages until it finally collapsed. Blake conversed briefly with the pilot afterwards, who revealed that he was R.J. MacReady.


Whitley-Thing at the UFO crash site - The Thing (2002)

The Whitley-Thing being burned by the fuel barrels.

Whitely-Thing resists the fire - The Thing (2002)

Whitley withstands fire.

Whitely-Thing collapses at the UFO hatch - The Thing (2002)

Whitley collapses due to the infection.

Whitely-Thing collapses and dies - The Thing (2002)

The Cloud B4 Carrier, defeated.

Cloud B4 carrier - Profile

The Cloud B4 Carrier, Whitley's Rupture form.