The Edvard-Thing was a Thing which assumed the form of Edvard Wolner, a Norwegian geologist and commander of Thule Station. The creature appeared in the 2011 film The Thing.


After he is injured by an exploding flamethrower fuel tank, Edvard Wolner is carried back to the rec room by Colin and Jonas. As they cross the room, the Edvard-Thing's left arm detaches and clings to a now terrified Jonas's left hand, attacking him. The creature's right arm also detaches and scuttles off, as the main body begins to convulse and transform. A large whip-like tentacle bursts from it's abdomen and flails around; incapacitating Adam and fatally wounding Derek. It grows additional legs and forcefully assimilates Adam, merging their faces together as the researcher howls in pain and horror. Before Kate can burn the Edvard-Thing, it flees from the rec room with the screaming Adam. The new creature formed from Edvard and Adam (Split Face) is later destroyed by Lloyd and is found by the American crew of U.S. Outpost 31 in the 1982 film The Thing.


  • Edvard-Thing has an appearance similar to that of Norris-Thing of the first film: both are rendered unconcious and are brought for medical treatment, both kill / assimilate a companion while they are unconscious and both split into several thing parts.