The Thing
The Thing

The drag jaw scuttler is a creature variant that was intended for inclusion in The Thing II, a planned sequel to the 2002 video game The Thing. However, it was ultimately scrapped after developer Computer Artworks entered receivership in October 2003[1]. Although cancelled, pre-production art guides were released, revealing the developers' vision for the game.


According to the art guide description, the 'drag jaw' creature was heavily influenced by the hyena and possesses strong jaws lined with razor-sharp teeth, a stocky build and tufts of hair resembling a mane (if technically possible). It is formed from the torso of its host and drags itself (and its bloody, dangling entrails) across the floor using two clawed arms, holding itself upright to feed. The creature attacks from the ground, biting at the legs of its victim or leaping at their head and upper body to clamp its jaws on whatever it can. Not utilizing the technically demanding 'burst out' system, the monster was designed as cheap 'cannon fodder' for the player.



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