The Thing
The Thing

The Dog Beast is a heavily-deformed Thing which assumed the form of a dog prior to mutation. It is sometimes categorized as another type of Walker, a large Thing-Beast which can only be killed by fire. The creature appeared in the 2002 video-game The Thing and is loosely based on the Kennel-Thing from the 1982 film The Thing.


Dog-Beats are Thing-Beasts which imitated a dog prior to mutation. They are four-legged creatures which take on a bulky and cumbersome form, moving around at a slow pace, but are able to charge at tremendous speeds. They have a split gap assumed to be its mouth where its chest should be, sharp appendages protruding from its upper-left torso, and a retractable limb resembling an arachnid-like claw protruding from its right shoulder. Its hind legs are also arachnid-like limbs, and its front legs resemble bulky arms.


These Dog-Things are probably the worst kind of Walkers in the game, unlike their movie counterpart, they retain their four legs and move with tremendous speed. They can take down Blake quickly and they have a charging attack which is very deadly. The best strategy for engaging the Dog Beast is to shoot it while running, reducing its health, and then carefully finishing them off with the Fllamethrower, running backwards and incinerating them as they follow. They have a tendency to sometimes run towards the player when set aflame, pursuing the player relentlessly, but will cower in fear once enough damage is dealt.


  • The Dog Beasts were planned to re-appear in the video-game sequel The Thing II, with a more lean and dog-like appearance, as opposed to the earlier bulky forms from the first game. However, the sequel was ultimately cancelled in 2004 after developer Computer Artworks closed down their company.