Cruz was a Soldier assigned to the Arctic Marines' Alpha Team and tasked with investigating the Thule Station. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


Attempting to discern what happened to Alpha Team, Blake is dropped into the Norwegian Outpost alone. After stumbling across Carter, the pair discover Cruz locked in the ice-block room. Cruz states that he was separated from his squad, and hadn't heard from anybody for quite sometime. Finding only static on their radios, the men leave the main building and locate a paranoid Pierce in a supply hut. Recovering several blood test hypos from a nearby kennel outbuilding, Blake performs blood tests on the squad to calm the agitated man. However, Cruz is quickly revealed to be an imposter along with Carter and they both bloodily transform and attack before being incinerated and destroyed by Blake and Pierce.



The Cruz-Thing and the Carter-Thing reveal themselves.

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