Cohen is a Gen Inc researcher and Medic that was stationed at the Weapons Laboratory in Antarctica.


Cohen was a Medic Blake stumbled upon at the Gen Inc Weapons Laboratory. He was seen running away from Whitley's Black Ops soldiers. He and Blake teamed up against them and the Things, successfully making it into the Weapons Laboratory. He disappears afterwards, although it can be assumed that he died in the ensuing destruction of the facility.

Journal entries indicate that he was working on an 'anti-thing virus' along with Ryan and Stolls. Cohen had apparently been allowed by Ryan to fetch medical supplies and had not returned, much to Stolls' concern. It is unknown what happened in between or why he was being pursued by Whitley's Black Ops.


  • Cohen will remain human as long as he's not exposed too much to The Thing. If damaged sufficiently, he will become infected and burst out.
  • It is possible to bring Cohen with you until the very end, but he will disappear in the next area.


Infiltrator (2) - Profile

The Cohen-Thing.

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Blake teaming up with Cohen.

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