Clark-Thing is a Thing creature created through Clark from the novel Who Goes There?. After Kinner was assimilated and locked in Cosmos House, (As the others thought he'd gone insane), the Kinner-Thing screamed, prayed and sang hymns for hours, unnerving all the men, until the Clark-Thing stabbed him in the throat. McReady took this as a sign of his humanity, as murder is a very human act, and the Clark-Thing expressed relief at the fact that Kinner had been unmasked as an imitation, (meaning he'd not murdered another human), and also at being 'confirmed' as human. However, a few minutes later it was revealed to be a Thing creature during a blood test and destroyed, leaving the survivors even more shaken by the alien's deceptive abilites.


  • In The Thing 1982 film, Clark was never assimilated by the Thing, unlike the novel.
  • It is unknown why the Clark-Thing 'killed' the Kinner-Thing, it may have been acting on its human persona's nervous state, trying to make itself appear more human, or it may have been trying to help the Kinner-Thing avoid being exposed during the looming blood test.

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