Carter is a Gen Inc researcher and Soldier (presumably a Medic originally) that was stationed at the Strata Medical Laboratory in Antarctica.


Carter was first seen trapped in one of the chambers in the laboratory during the initial outbreak of the Thing. Blake was able to repair the chamber's Junction Box, however he was later revealed to be an imitation and was immediately killed by Blake and his team.


Carter thing

The Carter-Thing after bursting out.

Carter-thing not bursting

Proof that the Carter-Thing can follow Blake well into the holding cells, even as far as to meet with Stanmore. One of the five squadmates will be left out if more than four are encountered, since the game can only hold four at a time.


  • Despite wearing a Medic's outfit, he is designated as a Soldier. Many Imitations in the game get their uniform and character class wrong, hinting at their ruse.
  • He shares the same name with Carter (Engineer). It's unknown why, as no other NPCs share the same name.
  • Carter, like Ryan, is one of the few already-infected NPCs found that are able to talk and are not completely silent.
  • Carter will almost immediately burst out after encountering him, just like Parnevik, Stanmore and Guy.
  • There is a way to prevent him from bursting: just like with Parnevik, do not go further into the facility and give him a weapon so he trusts you. Get away from him as soon as you open the door and give him the weapon, then make him follow you. He'll follow you throughout the facility and even help you in combat against Things. He usually bursts after going to the holding cells, however.
  • There is a way to prevent him from bursting at all, even after going to the holding cells: make him not follow you (make him stay near the save point or thereabouts) and go to the holding cells alone. Then go back to get him. He'll go with you around the level without bursting, unless you blow his cover by shooting him or using a blood test. He might, however, burst out when in proximity of Walkers, especially if no other squad members are around.
  • Even if you manage to get Carter not to burst, he won't follow you into the next area.
  • It seems there is a higher chance to prevent him from bursting when accompanied; if Blake goes to Thing-infested areas with just Carter instead of more squad mates and fights The Thing, Carter will usually reveal himself as an imitation quickly, whereas he won't if there are more squadmates nearby, proving that The Thing in the game is programmed to not reveal itself when in a large group.
  • There is a glitch where, if you activate the security switch sequence cutscene while he's still human, he will appear as human after the cutscene, yet acting like an imitation, complete with animation, spitting paralyzing venom and growling. Ryan has this same bug.
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