Carter was an Engineer assigned to the Arctic Marines' Alpha Team and tasked with investigating the Norwegian Southern Outpost in Thule Station. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


Attempting to discern what happened to Alpha Team, Blake is dropped into the Norwegian Outpost alone. Entering the dilapidated remains of the lab-room (the radio-room of the film series), he quickly comes across a wounded (and paranoid) engineer named Carter. Surrounded by several fresh bodies, he explains that his team was attacked by people they assumed were friendlies. After providing Carter with medical aid and a weapon, his demeanour became calmer. Shortly after leaving the main buildings, Blake, Carter and the recently discovered Cruz find Pierce in a supply hut. Locating several blood test hypos in a nearby kennel outbuilding, Blake performs blood tests on the squad to calm the agitated man. However, Cruz is quickly revealed to be an imposter and bloodily transforms before being incinerated - as does the Carter-Thing, who simultaneously reveals itself to the group and is destroyed.



The Carter-Thing and the Cruz-Thing reveal themselves.


  • He shares the same name with Carter (Soldier). It's unknown why, as no other NPCs share the same name.
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