Burrows was an Engineer that was assigned with the Arctic Marines' Bravo Team to investigate the U.S. Outpost 31. The character appears in the 2002 video-game The Thing.


He was assigned to investigate American Antarctic research station Outpost 31 in the winter of 1982 after radio contact with the facility was lost. Burrows arrived along with fellow members North, Weldon, and Captain Blake. During Bravo team's investigation they discovered a UFO, an unidentified Thing corpse, and the frozen body of Childs. With no confirmed survivors, Colonel Whitley ordered the outpost to be destroyed by planting C4 charges inside it. Following the outpost's demolition, Bravo team was ordered to return to base, however Blake insisted on assisting Alpha team after contact with them was lost at the Norwegian outpost.


Burrows was collected and calm, offering Blake his help as a team engineer in performing bypasses and repairs at the start of the mission.

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