The Thing

Outpost 31's Bombardier Skidozer, as seen in The Thing (1982).

The Bombardier Skidozer is an enclosed-cab, truck-sized, fully tracked vehicle designed to move on snow (also known as a snowcat). Referred to as the 'tractor', a Skidozer features prominently in the 1982 film The Thing as U.S. Outpost 31's ground transport and snowplow. Other vehicles operated by the outpost include a Caterpillar bulldozer and a Bell 206 helicopter.


The Bombardier Skidozer first appears in the opening scenes of The Thing (1982), as Outpost 31's chief mechanic Childs performs maintenance on the vehicle. It is notably the location where the armed Norwegian is shot dead by outpost commander Garry and is the chosen place where MacReady and Fuchs privately discuss the mental state of Blair and the nature of the Thing. Following the burning of the Bennings-Thing, the Skidozer creates (and subsequently buries) a pit where the remains of the creature are incinerated. Mid-way through the film, the vehicle is sabotaged by Blair, who smashes it, the helicopter and the station radio beyond repair under the pretences of preventing the Thing from escaping. Components from the tractor were later salvaged by the Blair-Thing to construct a miniature UFO.


  • Two different models of Bombardier Skidozer are used during the filming of The Thing (1982) - a '302-HD' for most operational shots and a '301' during the conversation between Fuchs and MacReady. The model numbers are clearly visible during the scenes.
  • When requesting that MacReady join him outside to discuss Blair's research, Fuchs erroneously refers to the vehicle as a 'Thiokol'.